Post-Mining Regions in Central Europe - Problems, Potentials, Possibilities

Peter Wirth, Barbara Černič Mali, Wolfgang Fischer

Publisher: Oekom - 2012


This volume is about post-mining regions in Central Europe, where people have taken up the challenge of overcoming the crisis provoked by the cessation of mining. Although the situation in these regions is mostly difficult, the book is not about decline and desperation. It is about concepts and strategies for shaping new perspectives at the beginning of the 21st century. It is about people who enisage new leisure attractions where excavators left a lunar landscape a few years ago, who create new technology centres on the sites of abandoned processing plants, and who plan to extract clean energy from mine-water flowing hundreds of meters under the surface; people intent on exploiting so-called "post-mining potentials" - the central topic of this volume. After more than three years of common research, a group of scientists from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia present an overview of the current situation and development perspectives in seven post-mining regions in Central Europe. They show that sustainable post-mining development is a highly relevant subject in our times. Despite the innumerable problems, a positive conclusion can be drawn: change in possible, and cooperation across the borders of European countries can contribute to its success.

Chapter author Peter Wirth, Barbara Černič Mali, Wolfgang Fischer, Jorn Harfst, Gergely Horvath, Gabor Csullog, Zdenka Lipovska, Antonin Vaishar, Milada Štastna, David Osebik, Sylwia Dolzblasz, Naja Marot, Gerd Lintz, Judith Pizzera
Funding sources Central Europe Cooperating for Success, European Union: European Regional Development Foun, ReSource
Colophon Proofreading: Rhodes Barrett Cover design: Elisabeth Furnstein Picture on the front page: Thomas Klaber Print: Digital Print Group, Nurnberg


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