Research areas

The basic framework

The basic framework and overarching research activity relates to spatial, urban and landscape planning and design. In view of relevance to the Slovenian space and trends in the European Research Area, the key areas of research are: 

Spatial Planning Research Programme

The Spatial Planning Research Programme, funded by the Slovenian Research Agency, was established at UIRS in 1999. It is presently coordinated by dr. Barbara Goličnik Marušić.

The current Programme 2014-2017 lays emphasis on the application of innovative approaches with the aim to achieve improvements in the development of appropriate methodologies for interdisciplinary and bottom-up approaches to spatial planning. Such an emphasis is vital for the successful incorporation of scientific advancements into practice.

The research programme group works towards the development of tools for facilitating consistent and comprehensive approaches to spatial development planning, taking into account structural, morphological, ecological, cultural, psychological and socio-economic characteristics. The work of the research programme group is organised in four mutually interconnected themes:

Inovativni pristopi in platforma znanja (npr. e-GIS portali in aplikacije, pametna mesta).

  • Innovative approaches and knowledge platform (e.g., GIS portals and applications, smart cities etc.)
  • Changes and their impact on spatial planning (e.g., climate, demography etc.)
  • Spatial systems and infrastructure (e.g., green infrastructure, urban mobility concepts etc.,)
  • Multi-level and all-inclusive planning (e.g., strategic or concrete guidance for spatial planning for vulnerable groups, public and stakeholder participation etc.)

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Geographical Information Systems (GIS) centre Infrastructure Programme

The GIS centre of the UIRS provides infrastructural support for basic, developmental and applicative research in the area of urban planning and related disciplines. The centre is presently led by Boštjan Cotič

The basic areas of support are:

Simulation infrastructure. The core unit of the GIS centre is the laboratory for performing urban simulations at the macro, mezzo and micro levels in the areas of urban planning, regional planning, land policy, environmental protection, cultural heritage preservation.

The technical infrastructure for the GIS area comprises the maintenance of geographical information systems and other design tools required for the execution of research programmes, the initiation of the use of modern information technologies, in connection with e-administration and e-European projects, as well as for purposes of educating and providing advice to researchers in this area.

The data management infrastructure deals with the gathering, processing and presentation of data in a form and manner that enables their direct use for monitoring urban development, performing situation and development tendencies analyses, investigating basic spatial paradigms and assessing the potential impacts and consequences of proposed spatial development measures.

Information and Documentation Centre provides support to the GIS Centre by maintaining and distributing the acquired data bases.

Educational Infrastructure provides training in Autodesk GIS, ESRI GIS systems and other applicative soft-ware developed or used by the Centre.


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